Spooky Halloween Bark


Spooky Halloween Bark

I’m just going to keep rolling on this Halloween train because frankly, I get overly excited about any holiday (particularly Christmas but I’ll spare you until December), and why not? Halloween is only once a year! This recipe is so quick – I’m talking only a few minutes and makes a great gift.


It can be easily customized to suit your fancy – Oreos, Reeces, pretzels, chopped nuts, the kitchen sink, etc. Not to mention it is the perfect way to get rid of all that leftover Halloween candy. YUM.


I should have taken my own advice and used an offset spatula. You do what you can.

I made a batch and plan on sending it off with my brother who leaves tomorrow from a nice week at home for Fall break. I packaged them up and am gladly sending him on his merry way 🙂


And in case you are looking for a way to package up your Halloween creations, I’m offering a FREE gift tag printable right at your fingertips. Just click the link below to download, print and gift to your heart’s content.



Guess I better get to deciding what my costume might be….stay scary, friends!



Spooky Halloween Bark

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