Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet


Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. I’m one of those firm believers in no Christmas decorations or music until after Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I love food? Or the traditions we’ve developed over the years but there’s something about Thanksgiving that warms my heart.

Our menu stays pretty consistent from year to year. A turkey, my Memaw’s creamed corn, two bags of rolls straight from The Fresh Market, and my mom’s infamous pecan pie.

As the years have gone on and our family dynamics have changed my sister and I take Thanksgiving head on. We’re in the kitchen from sun up to sun down pulling out all of the stops. Luckily we both share a passion of cooking (we joke that one day we’ll open a restaurant called ‘The Bitchin Kitchen’ an ode to how much we fought growing up) and enjoy bringing people together around a table.

This year we’ve got the traditional as well as a few new items we can’t wait to try. Here’s what we’ll be featuring this year:


To stay as organized as possible, I’ve created a simple worksheet that will help the day feel a little less chaotic. Here is the PDF version and Excel file to my Thanksgiving meal planning worksheet. I gathered the idea from a few places across the internet but they should help keep things nicely organized and on time…hopefully. I originally made mine as a Google Sheet to share between my sister and I. Is it obvious that we’re millennials?

Thanksgiving really kicks off the start of the holiday season and I love every single minute of it! I hope you enjoy this post and it helps you prepare for the big day.


Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet

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