Friendsgiving Celebrations


Friendsgiving Celebrations

Whew! Waking up this morning post Friendsgiving and we did it! We hosted our very first party and it was a blast.

We define Friendsgiving as a special Thanksgiving to get all our friends together, share what we are thankful for and always indulge a little too much. This has been a tradition in our circle of friends for the past few years but this year Evan and I wanted to give hosting a try. We opened our doors to 18 of our closest friends and I’m so glad we did.


We pulled every piece of dining furniture we could find to create enough seating for everyone around a table – this was so important to me! I used flowers from Trader Joe’s, seasonal apples and fall foliage from around the yard to create very simple centerpieces. They were the perfect touch at all of the tables.


Our contribution was this beauty, an 18 pound turkey that roasted for about 4 hours. This was my first time roasting and carving a bird of any sort. It is no joke! I think my biceps are still burning.


We finished the evening in the backyard with a s’mores bar of both traditional chocolate and other various chocolate candies.


It was certainly a night filled with a lot of laughs, a few too many bottles of wine and is the perfect precursor to this week’s Thanksgiving occasions. I am certainly thankful for this group of dear friends!

Friendsgiving Celebrations

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