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Life Lately – What I’m Doing and Where I’m Going

As I sit and have my Sunday morning coffee I thought about this little outlet of mine. How I have not forgotten but perhaps have neglected it. I think about how my Sundays used to be days of blog posting and creative thinking but I feel that they’ve now become anything but. You see, I’ve had every intention to log on the past month or so but finding the motivation to do so has been difficult. Summer plans, life changes and and the inability to keep up with the many directions of life has left me often feeling uninspired. Uninspired to write, uninspired to create, uninspired to try anything new. With so many twists and turns that have come my way over the past month and a half I have found myself doing nothing but putting my head down and weathering the storm. Not to incline that my life is a chaotic as a torrential downpour but I hope you maybe understand what I mean.

A change in careers. At the end of June I said goodbye to the job I had had since graduating from college. It was overwhelmingly bittersweet to leave the place where I had formed so many valuable relationships, learned so many skills and to leave a place that just felt safe. Being the creature of habit that I am, finding the courage to leave the only thing I had known was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but I am so happy that I made the switch to a job that already has provided me with wonderful opportunities to grow and develop professionally and personally. In my current position as a Marketing and Communications Director a local non-profit organization, every day I get to experience the impact I am making in the community, a feeling that is pretty close to priceless. But as always with any new job there have been so many more things to learn. Many of my coworkers say that I came in at the busiest time of the year. I love the challenge but the stress of learning quickly while doing things correctly has been an entirely new obstacle to overcome. It has been an exciting yet challenging experience but am so excited to see the impact I can make 🙂

A new family member. We now have a new brother in the family! You might recall that in May I co-hosted a bridal shower for my sister. We celebrated my sister, Jessica and her now husband, Shayne, at the end of June. The Mr. and I spent the weekend in Raleigh toasting, dancing and celebrating the new addition to our family. Being married myself for almost two years you forget the effort and time that goes into wedding planning. It truly is a family affair. I loved being able to celebrate with my family whom lives afar that all made the trip to NC for the weekend. We never see each other enough so any time that we are all under the same roof is so special to me.

Another year older. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I celebrated my 26th birthday at the end of July. This year my husband and family planned together a Saturday night shindig with my closest friends at a rooftop pool downtown. For someone who loves celebrating birthdays (and all of life’s occasions for that matter) I was over the moon with the effort that they put forth to make me feel so special. As I’ve gotten older I have begun to realize the importance of good, quality relationships. Having a group of friends that are not only a good time but are vested in you as a person are rare to find. I have a good feeling 26 is going to be a good one.

That’s it? That’s it. A fairly decent recap of what has been going on in my neck of the woods over the past month. A lot of changes, a lot of traveling and a lot of being in the moment which unfortunately may put my personal endeavors on the back burner. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day for me to be able to do everything that I want to do and to be honest some days I just feel spread too thin.

I can’t wait to get back into a routine, back to blogging and back to a little bit of normalcy. Stay tuned 🙂

Life Lately

Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet


Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. I’m one of those firm believers in no Christmas decorations or music until after Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I love food? Or the traditions we’ve developed over the years but there’s something about Thanksgiving that warms my heart.

Our menu stays pretty consistent from year to year. A turkey, my Memaw’s creamed corn, two bags of rolls straight from The Fresh Market, and my mom’s infamous pecan pie.

As the years have gone on and our family dynamics have changed my sister and I take Thanksgiving head on. We’re in the kitchen from sun up to sun down pulling out all of the stops. Luckily we both share a passion of cooking (we joke that one day we’ll open a restaurant called ‘The Bitchin Kitchen’ an ode to how much we fought growing up) and enjoy bringing people together around a table.

This year we’ve got the traditional as well as a few new items we can’t wait to try. Here’s what we’ll be featuring this year:


To stay as organized as possible, I’ve created a simple worksheet that will help the day feel a little less chaotic. Here is the PDF version and Excel file to my Thanksgiving meal planning worksheet. I gathered the idea from a few places across the internet but they should help keep things nicely organized and on time…hopefully. I originally made mine as a Google Sheet to share between my sister and I. Is it obvious that we’re millennials?

Thanksgiving really kicks off the start of the holiday season and I love every single minute of it! I hope you enjoy this post and it helps you prepare for the big day.


Our Thanksgiving Menu and Planning Sheet