A Backyard Birthday BBQ and Deck Makeover

Hi, friends! Life has been some kind of busy in my neck of the woods. House projects, the busy season at my nine to five, parties, holidays and weekend trips have gotten the best of my attention on the blog front. Something I continually try to improve on is my attention and presence in the moment which unfortunately can put some things on the back burner. BUT with that being said I am here nonetheless and providing house updates! I hear from many of you how you can’t wait to see more house posts and I’m realizing I have not shared any further updates since posting about our kitchen makeover. There are still quite a few rooms that are a work in progress (and continuously will be) that I’m not ready to share yet but I will slowly and surely give snippets of our changes…count me to it!

The most recent project has been our house exterior. Here’s a few listing photos before we get started:

Listing Photos.jpg

As we headed into the warmer months Evan and I began to discuss our visions for patio furniture, garden growing and overall landscaping desires and knew that the porch might be the easiest project to tackle first. That is until we realized how expensive outdoor furniture can be! Knowing something full price was out of our reach (in the time frame we were working with) I scoured Craigslist and online yard sales daily. After a few weeks of thinking we were going to have to break the budget we were able to come across this conversation piece on Craigslist — for almost $200 less than the retail value!


We picked it up on a Friday afternoon and the next morning I was at Home Goods, Target and Home Depot getting all of the final touches. I love the contrast of the terracotta pots and have them filled with fresh herbs and seasonal flowers. They bring the perfect touch of earthiness and texture to the neutral colored cushions and rug. I’m so happy with our purchases and we’ve already spent so much time lounging, sipping and relaxing.


We had a few close friends over to celebrate E’s 27th birthday at the end of April which I’m sharing pictures from as well (2 birds, 1 stone). I picked up local BBQ (Deano’s is his favorite!), made a few sides and way too many desserts. Give me a reason to celebrate anything and I go all out :).


I hope you too are enjoying the warmer temperatures, longer days and the celebrations that come along with it. Cheers!

A Backyard Birthday BBQ and Deck Makeover